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Strings -It's all in the details



£2 to any location in the UK

All strings are custom made to order. Please enquire for colour options.



Please contact

for more information and how to pay.


String will be of two colours. 

Basic cost

 You specify the exact length of string you want. (If your current string gives you the brace height you require then measure that.) Note this is the length with zero twists. If you don’t know what exact length you want then please state your bow length instead and you will get the standard match for that length bow. Please specify the number of strands you require. If you don’t I will pick what is likely to work best for you.

Xact Custom

You can specify not only the exact string length but the length of the end serving and end loop size. The length and position of the centre serving. I can endeavour to match the centre serving width to your current size arrow nocks*

*Please note this not guaranteed to exactly fit your current nock size